Company Overview

25 June 1997, Tsinghua Tongfang Co. Ltd. set up.
27 June 1997, listed in Shanghai stock exchange.
30 May 2006, Tsinghua Tongfang renamed”Tongfang Co. Ltd.”

By making use of strengths of Tsinghua University in research and human resources, Tongfang Co. Ltd has been exploring and innovating in IT and energy-environment industry, establish a group of high quality companies in computer, digital city, internet application, micro electronics & RF technology, semiconductor & illumination, knowledge network, military, digital TV, environment technology, security system, building energy conservation industry etc.
Tongfang Co. Ltd  has a total asset of more than $ 5 billion. Its annual revenue was over $ 3.5 billion. Moreover, Tongfang has been listed to the 100 Top Scientific and Technological Enterprises of China, 100 Top Chinese Enterprises in Electronic Information, The ‘Tsinghua Tongfang’ brand is valued more than $ 13.5 billion, and is on the list of the world’s top 500 brands.


Tongfang Gigamega is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tongfang Co. Ltd., the core business is the development, manufacturing, and selling of radio and TV broadcasting equipment, system engineering design and integration service.

Our main products are radio/TV transmitter(including digital TV transmitter, FM radio transmitter, analog TV transmitter), research and make transmission covering system components( combiner, exciter, SFN adaptor etc.), transmitting antenna, radio/TV security broadcasting monitoring system etc. 

We offer terrestrial radio/TV system engineering service, including terrestrial radio/TV transmission system integration, digital TV SFN engineering, FM  radio SFN engineering, planning & design of radio/TV security broadcasting monitoring system, project construction and O&M service.


We obtain the national "High-Tech Enterprise" certification, ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environment management system certification, and are identified as "A-class tax credit enterprise".

Our whole series of product obtain”the national radio and TV transmission equipment production license”, “type approval certificate for radio transmission equipment” and “certificate of network access for broadcast equipment”.

Relying on financial and management resources of Tongfang Group, drawing on scientific achievements of Tsinghua University, adhering to independent innovation, we own dozens of invention patents, utility model patents and software copyrights.
We have leading-edge core technology in China in the field of  high-power amplifier, digital TV modulation and coding, operation-level environment-friendly liquid-cooled transmitter, transmitter’s self adaptive pre-correction, high efficient broadband antenna, digital TV SFN, FM synchronous  broadcasting, radio and TV intelligent monitoring.

We first developed high-power solid-state analog TV transmitter, digital TV transmitter, FM radio transmitter, liquid-cooled transmitter etc. in China, and successfully constructed numerous digital TV SFN, FM radio synchronous  network, radio and TV intelligent monitoring network.
The company's main transmitters in analog TV, digital TV, FM radio over the years rank fist in the share of the domestic market, and exported to more than 30 overseas countries and regions.
With our 20 years’effort, We have developed into the leader in China in the field of radio and TV wireless coverage.

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