Tongfang co auspicious 2015 year Zhongguancun digital TV Industry Alliance Forum

"The year 2015 Zhongguancun digital TV Industry Alliance Annual Conference and digital television technology and Operations Management Forum" on November 23-24 in Kunming held, bode well for the same side of the activities of the forum organized and delivered a speech.
Zhongguancun digital TV industry alliance to enhance the independent innovation capability of domestic enterprises, and enhance the overall competitive advantage of China's digital TV industry for the purpose of setting up. Held under this year's annual conference and the activities of the forum in the Central Radio and TV broadcasting digital project launched a large-scale background, local radio and television agencies, the digital TV industry chain related enterprises, with more than 300 delegates attended the meeting.
Ji Zhaohu, general manager of Daqing attended the meeting, deputy general manager of the company Li Wenbiao made a speech at the forum, to provide efficient and energy saving and high reliability digital television transmission equipment and the representatives of the participants carried out the exchange.

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