After Sales Service Commitment

Customer foremost, customer care is our top priority.
• 7X24 hours call support service.
• Rapid response to fault grading, in emergency choose the fastest transport to reach the site at first time.
• Regular customer visit and equipment inspection, initiative to provide service.
• trict service system,  provide professional, standard high quality service.
• 10 years spare parts warranty.

For keeping the best service commitment, except standardize internal after sales procedure, and enhance the training on after sales engineer, we make after sales engineer behavior principle in order to continuously improve our service satisfaction.
• For the customer needs in the region, after sales engineer should actively communicate with customer, understand the
   problem in detail, and then offer solution. 
• When the after sales service engineer goes to the site, he should in detail understand the problem, the reason, and
   take photo, and then adopts effective method to remove the problem.
• Whether or not the after sales service contract finished, our after sales service engineer shall respond actively when
   customer has service requirement.
• Except changing unqualified part and removing fault, our after sales service engineer will continuously learn technical
   requirement and operation regulation of our equipment, and offer the customer our correct operation method.
• After sales service engineer should enthusiastically, politely communicate and coordinate with customer, care and
   keep the company image in the service.
• After the daily work completed, the site should be cleaned; after completing the equipment installation and
   maintenance, the equipment should be cleansed, garbage should be removed, the site should be cleaned.
• When need help from customer, the attitude should be humble, the work needing assistance should be explained to customer clearly, and express gratitude to customer after work completed.
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