Terrestrial Radio/TV Transmission System Integration

Service Items
• We offer ATV, DTV, FM radio transmission system solution, including transmission, headend, program transmission, program source, monitoring and so on, also offer system design, equipment supply, project construction and O&M service.
• We have strong competition advantage in transmission system, owning self developed equipment like ATV/DTV transmitter, FM radio transmitter, antenna, combiner, N+1 switch controller etc., shall build up advanced, reliable radio/TV transmission system to customer. 
• For the headend, program transmission, program source reception, monitoring etc., we have system research or application experience for many years, build up close cooperation relationship with main domestic and overseas vendor, can offer high quality equipment and professional engineering service.


radio/TV transmission system diagram

Project Case
Over the past years, we successfully build up many terrestrial radio/TV transmission system for domestic and overseas customers, offer transmitter, combiner, antenna, self developed equipment and so on, and take the system integration and construction work. Part of typical project case is as below

TV/FM radio transmission system integration project in Zhoukou, Henan
Carried out in 2013, we are in charge of 6 subsystems design and construction for TV transmission, FM radio transmission, power distribution, program transmission, safe broadcast monitoring,  and program source. 
The system broadcasts 4 TV programs and 4 radio programs; TV: Zhoukou city Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3, Channel 4; FM radio: Zhoukou news, music, comprehensive, traffic.
TV transmission system and FM radio transmission system respectively adopts 1+1 and N+1 automatic switch controller system, achieves automatic changeover between main and backup transmitter; signal source is respectively sent to transmission station by digital fiber, digital microwave, analog microwave, achieves automatic changeover of main and backup signal.
The system was start up in Dec, 2013. And now it has been operating well since setup.


China radio/TV transmission system integration in Comoros
It is a China radio/TV ”going out”project, carried out in 2012. The aim is to broadcast CCTV program and China radio international program in Comoros.
Adopt analog and digital methods to broadcast, we offer satellite signal reception equipment, video/audio signal process equipment, switchover product, monitoring, transmitter, combiner and antenna&feeder, responsible for integration from signal source to transmission. 
The signal has a coverage of south to north 50KM, east to west 16KM in Comoros island. The digital TV transmission system uses China DTMB standard, broadcasts 4 programs: CCTV-9,CCTV-4,CCTV-F,CCTV-NEWS; Analog TV transmission system broadcasts CCTV-F; FM radio transmission system broadcasts CRI french.
The system has been operating well since setup, and is praised by China Radio & TV Co. for International Techno-Economic Cooperation.

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