Summary of System Engineering Service

Apart from researching and manufacturing radio/TV transmitting equipment,  according to customer terrestrial radio/TV system and network setup needs, combining our product, technology, engineering advantages, we offer terrestrial radio/TV system solution and engineering service.

We offer the following 4 system engineering services

Our system engineering competence and advantage

• With rich radio/TV system engineering experience, we can offer system planning, design, construction, test, optimization,acceptance,O&M, training, “turnkey” and  “one stop”service.
• Firstly introduce”network”idea into radio/TV transmission coverage field, we offer solution to digital TV SFN, FM radio synchronous network , and safe broadcasting smart monitoring network.
• Self developed SFN adapter, FM synchronous network headend equipment, and radio/TV intelligent M&C system.
• Familiar with related technology and products in transmission, headend, program transmission, M & C etc., leading-edge system design level.
• Standard process, perfect documents, the implementation of project manager responsibility system, excellent project management skills.
• High level of equipment installation and system commissioning , complete on-site solution, rich project construction experience.

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