Safe Broadcasting Monitoring System Project

Service Items
We offer smart comprehensive monitoring solution to radio/TV station, including the monitoring for equipment, equipment room environment, video/audio content, signal, transmission stream. And we can offer system design, equipment supply, software development, project construction, O&M service etc.
We on our own develop monitoring and collection equipment for radio/TV station, program signal collection monitoring equipment, monitoring software platform, can set up for customer the reliable, high efficient, flexible safe broadcasting monitoring system.

Safe broadcasting monitoring system diagram

Project Case
With customer’s high requirement on safe broadcasting, transmission station has more requirements on smart monitoring. When we set up transmission system for customer, we also build up monitoring system for the station equipment and program signal. The projects include DTMB digital TV network, CMMB coverage network, analog TV and FM radio system. Part of typical projects are as below:
Monitoring system for terrestrial digital TV transmission station in Qingyang, Gansu
Carried out in 2013, we are in charge of system design, software & hardware equipment supply, system installation and commissioning.
Aiming at safe broadcasting of terrestrial digital TV coverage network in Qinyang, 1 main transmission station and 7 transmission stations at county/district in this city are put in a total monitoring platform to carry out remote and central monitoring.
Monitoring center shows in GIS transmitter real time condition at each station, and do remote controlling on transmitter; at the same time it shows in multi picture the returned program quality of each station, and monitors real time signal quality(like field density, bit error rate, S/N ratio etc.).
The system operates stably since setup, provides effective protection for safe broadcasting of terrestrial digital TV system in Qingyang.


comprehensive monitoring system for Guangxi TV transmission station
Carried out in 2012, we are responsible for system design, hardware equipment supply, software development, system installation and commissioning.
This transmission station is the core TV station in Guangxi autonomous region, send 4 analog TV channels and 2 digital TV channels. The monitoring system centrally monitors the total 10 big power transmitters, real time monitors all TV program signal before/after broadcasting, collects and monitors equipment room environment parameters, do the security monitoring on transmitter room, power distribution room, and yard. The system is configured with video-wall and monitoring terminal to centrally display and operate.
The system uses advanced digital processing technology, high automation, good expansibility, high reliability. It operates stably since setup.

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